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Sustainable Innovations &
winning Business Strategies


Vast experience in the Maritime, Offshore (renewable Energy) and Robotics domain, including extensive network and market intelligence.


A track record in major challenges such as Energy Transition, Digitization and Robotization


Leadership to create solutions for complex challenges, building win-win collaborations, technology implementation and more

Our Projects

Blue-Dutch Innovation creates impact by initiating, realizing and managing projects. We get excited from new technologies, disruptive solutions and creating win-win collaborations. Our track record ranges from small R&D projects with lean teams and to disruptive innovation hubs with large organizations, governance structure and extensive communities.

Our Partners


Impact by innovation

Societal and technological challenges such as climate change and global competition calls for strategic innovations. BLUE-Dutch provides (thought) leadership, builds win-win collaborations and active ecosystems to create sustainable solutions and change.

Grow your business

Are you looking for new business models and strategies? Would you like to enter a new sector? Introduce new technologies and solutions?

Blue-Dutch creates winning business strategies, international business opportunities and collaborations, technology implementation and opens up new markets.

Realize sustainability

Not only do we aim for long-lasting sustainable collaborations, we also create sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on our globe and climate.